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Climbing offers the space, both outer and inner, in which to achieve it.

Ascent, whether it means rising in a spellbinding rock space
or struggling inwardly in the death zone,
is an Art of Freedom.

– Voytek Kurtyka

The modern artist is living in a mechanical age
and we have a mechanical means of representing objects in nature
such as the camera and photograph.

The modern artist,
it seems to me, is working and expressing an inner world –
in other words – expressing the energy, the motion,
and other inner forces.

-Jackson Pollock

I guess my climbing is the closest thing I feel I really produce as art.

The images we bring back seem to be a pretty good trigger for the
memories of a good story, so I've tried to take my time and do a good job with these.
It wouldn't be completely off base to call it a little abstract expressionism.

Sometimes it's helpful to consider art in context.
A single work is often best judged when viewed with regard to its context in a larger body.